choose not a life of imitation



But in all reality:  “Terminating a pregancy” is ending a life. Ending a life is ALWAYS murder.

Terminating a pregnancy is a pregnant person exercising their right to bodily autonomy. no one has the right to use someone else’s body without their consent, not even fetuses.  
murder is a legal definition that abortion does not fall under, and you calling abortion murder is just you trying to use emotionally manipulative language. I’m gonna take a leaf out of apersnicketylemon's book here:

Murder; The unlawful killing of one person by another with malice aforethought to which there is no lawful excuse.
a) A fetus is not a person. You cannot murder non-persons or washing your hands would be murder.
b)Lack of malice. People getting abortions are not getting them to punish the fetus or because they want to kill the fetus. Those are literally never the reasons for abortion. People get them because of poverty, work, school, their age, abusive situation, rape, medical reasons and fetal abnormalities. But not because they want to hurt or kill something.
c)No premeditation. No one has sex just to get abortions.
d) It’s not unlawful.
e)You have a lawful excuse, that being your right to bodily autonomy. No one has the right to use a persons body, resources or internal organs without that persons consent regardless of circumstance or reason.
4. Just because something is alive that doesn’t mean killing it constitutes murder (Or carrot juice would be murder)

tl;dr your argument fails, try again.